Kareem's Newborn Session | Orlando, Florida Portrait Photographer

November 01, 2017

Ok so ... I'm not going to lie. Not all babies are easy to photograph. Some stay awake no matter what you do, others cry at the slightest change in movement, and then there are those that potty 2 minutes after they eat. My point is : Babies have a mind of their own, we roll with it and make it work. I always recommend clients to come in for a session within the first 7-10 days of birth, but sometimes that doesn't even make a difference. The little guy featured today is a perfect example. Kareem was adorable as can be, he wasn't even a crier, just super squirmy and alert. He was fresh out of the hospital, fed, changed, had the space heater on, the baby shusher in the background, and yet our session was 3 hours long with only a handful of poses. There wasn't anything more I could do, nothing mom could do either. For whatever reason, it just wasn't his day. Nonetheless, Kareem was a handsome monkey and the shots we did get are priceless because time truly flies.