Whitney & Jameson's Wedding | Belleair Beach, Florida | Orlando Wedding Photographer

April 06, 2017

*** Throwback Thursday ***

I can't believe how fast time has gone by! It's been one year since these two love birds tied the knot. Looking back through their gallery, I can't help but smile. Meeting them for the first time on their wedding day, I didn't really have an expectation or any idea of how they are as a couple. Jameson was playing pool and Whitney was getting her hair done. As soon as I walked in, ( they were in separate locations ) everything felt natural, everyone was excited to get the day going, it was easy to fall into the flow of things. As the day went on, the events taking place were nothing but extraordinary. The ceremony was personal in a beautiful church and Jameson's mother was the officiant. After, the reception was buzzing with joy, tears of love and happiness, with lots of laughs in between.

Happy Anniversary Whitney & Jameson!