Behind The Lens | Stephanie



I’ve always loved photos! They’ve been a huge part of my life because my mom worked at a photo lab. Over time I saw the value in those crappy quality 4x6 prints taken with a disposable camera. Looking back at our massively heavy family albums, I see some of the most memorable moments I've ever had and I wouldn't trade those images for anything in the world! Being able to time travel back through photos is invaluable!

My why . . .

 I believe in love and romance! I believe in how far love can take you. Your wedding day is just the beginning! The real adventure is having a lifetime worth of stories you’ll pass down to your grandchildren and great grandchildren. Being able to document the first day of your legacy is such a blessing!

My random truths . . .

I have the cutest rugrat ever! Her name is Natalia and she’s a sassy, over the top little girl. Disney and Universal is my second home . . . but I never wait in a line that is longer then 30 minutes. I love exclamation points, ellipses, and emojis!!! Italian carbs are my weakness! I travel often because there are too many beautiful places and not enough time. I drink wine not coffee. I have a thing for 90’s music, so if you want to jam to some Backstreet Boys, my playlist is ready to go. Oh! And if there is a petition out there to make Grinchmas a real holiday, where do I sign!?!?