Ashley & Dustin | Las Vegas Excalibur, Luxor, & New York, New York | Las Vegas Portrait Photographer


Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday season. As some of you know, I spent New Years in Las Vegas, Nevada. And being the wedding and portrait photographer that I am, you know I brought my camera. This amazing city is seriously gorgeous with an endless amount of photo location possibilities! I have no idea how Las Vegas portrait photographers can pick just one location. While there, I was honored to shoot Ashley and Dustin at a few of my favorite hotels. To say it was beyond freezing temperatures is an understatement but we had a blast, hotel hopping during sunrise!


Our first stop was the Las Vegas Excalibur Hotel & Casino! And although it’s not Cinderella’s Castle ( wink, wink ), it’s architecture is stunning nonetheless!

The second stop? . . . Las Vegas New York, New York Hotel & Casino! Oh and can I just say, the bridge to cross over is usually packed! So if you want some awesome photos when it isn’t crowded, get there early. <3

Last but not least, my favorite one, the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel & Casino! The design and theme is so unique. It really feels like a piece of Egypt landed in the middle of Vegas.